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I generally like Coconut oil but I think one needs to consume it in balance among the mono-unsat’d and n-3 fatty acids. I’d also read Prof. Loren Cordain’s analysis of the sat’d fat issue:

As far as honey goes I think its great…if one is consuming it in the amounts and under the conditions our ancestors did. If you: scale a large tree, hammer through a foot of semi rotten wood, grab handfuls of honeycomb that are 50% wax, 20% honey and 30% dead bee carcasses, suffer 30-50 bee stings…run several hundred meters to escape further bee stings. If you do all of this, I think honey is great! Processed or unprocessed honey is a dense carbohydrate source comprised of fructose and glucose. It will derange liver function (fructose) and cause Hyperinsulinism if consumed excessively. I know people will make arguments about the mineral content of this sugary sweetener or that brown rice syrup but they are little different than raw sugar and will produce similar effects.
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