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Robert Allison
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Good info, Garrett.

Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
I also consume a decent amount of sea vegetables (I'm going to submit my seaweed salad recipe to the PMenu).
I look forward to trying it out; I'll try anything to improve the taste of that stuff. I've always thought that most recipes centered around sea vegetables were based on a dare.

Also, a couple of posters on this thread have mentioned sea salt as a source of iodine. While natural sea salts do have other positive qualities, they provide iodine only in very small (trace) amounts. While sea vegetables are a better source, they have limitations as well. In addition to what Garrett alluded to above, Dr. David Brownstein has found that some kelp supplements may contain toxic levels of arsenic or halides.

I'm not sure if other sea vegetables have the same issues or if this just applies to kelp.
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