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I know, I know, I'm totally pre-judging him, but I get instantly turned off when I hear someone preaching isolation work as functional. And I've got an answer for someone with weak glut medials and/or tight adductors, push your knees out! It may seem simplistic, but it works, and a hell of a lot better than I've seen isolation exercises work. I really liked Ido's quote from the thread on isolation vs. function, "your body is a system working in integration, and not in isolation." IMO, if you truly swallow the depth of that statement, you would abandon isolation work. I came from the world of isolation work, a 4 year degree in Exercise Science, and 2 years working in a Physical Therapy office. I've seen much better results pre- and re-habing with compound functional exercises than I ever saw with isolation work.

Robert - I haven't checked out the isolation stuff in his book, because I almost threw up when I read his article on "The Functional Controversy", but if you think it's legit, I'll check it out. How are abmat situps isolation work?
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