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I keep forgetting to bring my thermometer home.

I shoot for 2400mg of total EPA+DHA a day. The EPA+DHA is the only number I go by, not by mL or g of "fish oil". I figure that amount is sufficient, as I strive quite hard to only eat properly sourced animal products (which have at least close to the proper O-3 to O-6 ratio).

For example, with my concentrated liquid fish oil and concentrated CLO (for the A & D), I can get my 2400mg in 1.25 teaspoons of total oil, along with 500IU D and 5000IU A.

To get the same amount of EPA+DHA in the basic Kirkland capsules, one has to take ~8 capsules, and they don't get any A or D.

If one is doing around the amount I suggest, there is very little likelihood of "overdoing" the fish oil.
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