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Not really into a carbo-aholic I usually have one large chicken breast coupled with some grapes or bars or nuts every couple hour very portion sensitive. I only use the Muscle Milk maybe once amonth. I'm not supplmenting with any fish oil. I talk the WObenzym when the joints hurt as do BJJ Brazilian Jui_jitsu, Muay Thai etc. Fat I usually get are form the almonds, Sunflower seed. I not really trying to avoid fat. Really appreciate you help

I dropped 20 pounds in like 2 months and now I've been at a plateau for like 8 weeks. What brand of fish oil do you recommend. Willing to try it but looking ofr some thing with ahigh level of Purity

Last week food intake:
1 Chicken Breast grilled (skinless), about 1 cup of grapes;Two hours later Another chicken breast, nothign else, two hour later Lara Bar and my workout which was the Crossfit "Barbara" dinner consited of Home made Bean Burritos using Whole Black beans, a little Cheese, Tomatoes, and Lettuce. I had three of these a small thing of Pineapple about and hour before bed
1 chicken breast 2 hrs later a bean burrito ( left overs) 2 hrs later Chicken breast, 2 hrs later burrito and the Crossfit WOD "Tabata Something" dinner was Boca Burger, on whole Wheat Bun, Sweet Potato Fries baked.
Chicken Breast, Small serving of Almonds, 2 hrs later Lara Bar, 2 hrs later Chicken breast, 2 hrs later Power Bar Organic Rest Day, Dinner Sloppy Joes using Boca Meatless Ground, whole wheatr Bun, no cheese and a small salad no dressing.
Chicken Breast, 2 hrs Almonds grapes, chicken breeast Crossfit WOD Helen Dinner Ground Turkey Stir fry


chicken Breast and grapes, 2hr later Almonds grapes, 2 hours Chiken breast and Power Bar Organic Blueberry, Workout Combination of Strenght and cardio

Saturday rest

Fresh fruit smoothie Blue Berry and Pineapple; some almonds

Each day consumed about 12 8 Oz serving of water if not more. Very Proportion aware and attempting to burn 1000 calories per workout per heart monitor.

I dropped the weight and have been at this platueas for like 10 weeks and recently started to gain weight. Frustrated and really have been somewhat depriving my self. Typically have a small glass of wine at night with dinner
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