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Steve Shafley
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No, it was the real Dr. El-Hewie.

He graciously sent me a copy for review that I reviewed and had a few other individuals review on the Power and Bulk, but the ezboard glitch that wiped out ~99% of all ezboard posts across dozens of servers occurred shortly afterwards.

Apparently the good Doctor made a migration to the new P&B, and somehow got caught up in long, lengthly discussions about BMI, and bodyweight issues, and an admin who wasn't really in the loop decided it was a troll while I was busy with my son's then urgent medical issues.

By the time things had settled down for me, Dr. El-Hewie was considered a troll and banned.

The thing that irritated me the most, though, was the extensive review of his materials that I posted and then was lost.

I apologize for the misunderstandings, Dr. El-Hewie.
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