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Day 59 Friday

6:15 No Shotgun
7:00 Kashi go lean, activa yogurt, 2 scoops protein, water
9:30 something else I have forgotten
10:30 fajita steak and shrimp
1:00 - 2:00 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk, some chicken, tri-o-plex bar

Worked knee on belly and three different transitions. Also drilled knee on belly escapes. 3 different types of escapes, push knee and pull on pants leg or cup shin with other hand. push knee and push belt with other hand and scoop foot feed hand through and place on inside of thigh and push them over.

Rolled with purple belt for 20 minutes straight in open mat. He was great and we went hard. I was fighting to get out of an armbar and he twisted my wrist to tighten the armbar and elbow made all kinds of noise and I went ow! He asked if that was my elbow making the noise and I laughed and said yep. we reset and went hard again for 15 more minutes. I really enjoyed the mat time with him.
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