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I have no idea. I was using the 4 calories per gram standard measure for protein. As I posted earlier I am pretty fried today that is why I did the math long hand with my work so others could see if I made a mistake. I started to say that maybe the reason was I was counting the meat entirely as protein, but that doesn't work because fat is 9 calories per gram and it would actually drive the entire caloric count up.

I must have made a mistake in my conversion or calculation somewhere. I did a quick google search and here is what I found.

“According to the USDA, one pound of ground lean beef has 1197.5 calories"

That jives with the number off of fitday. I also found this table that is calories / fat per 100 grams.

Brisket (boiled) 330 24g
Fillet Steak (grilled) 210 20g
Forerib (roast) 358 30g
Minced (stewed) 235 16g
Rump Steak (grilled) 220 13g
Rump Steak (fried) 250 15g
Silverside (boiled) 240 14g
Sirloin (roast) 280 20g
Stewing Steak 225 12g
Topside (roast) 219 11g

I don't know calories but I am confident to say that usually I am pretty tired of whatever roasted flesh I have been eating by the end of the day.
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