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Today was the last testing day for the 7 week in my case 8 week mass gain template. I managed one more PR everything else was fairly stagnant which was a disappointment. I think as I progress from undertrained to at least average the progress will slow compared to the big leaps I have been making.

All in LB's

Snatch 105 easily, missed twice on 115, dropped down and missed once on 110. The 110 I had but got stuck at the bottom like I did last week on the 105.

Clean / Jerk 155 nailed it moved up to 160 and cleaned it fairly easily but totally missed the jerk. This was spectacular as I started to lose the weight backwards and wasn't prepared for that. No blood no foul. I tried it again without getting the jerk again. The last time I kept the weight where it should be just couldn't get my arms fully extended.

Front Squat 190 with a little strain but couldn't get 195 for some reason, the weight felt good going down just couldn't get moving out of the hole.

I had great success and really enjoyed the mass gain template. Once again Robb and Greg thanks for the design, the kind words and the feedback (Pierre also).
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