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Default Not ready to log.....

i am in the middle reading Body ecology diet. So far, it's really intriguing. Relates to many infections I've had thoughout my life when I was a grain junky! I will lay off the food log for a while, for 2 reasons. 1 it makes me too strict (I dont want to cheat for the whole world to see, and, it wont proove the validity of the diets, if I don't stick with them). Cheating can be a good thing, however because I am trying to combine many eating philosophies, paleo/if/zone/ and incorporate BED principles too many food limitations leads to insufficient calories. 2nd, I want to make it easier for me to keep a log, and because I am eating new foods, and eliminating ones that were familiar to me, measuring has become tedious once again, and logging what I eat takes it over the top.

I the meantime I will do my best to read up all the info buried in these boards. Thanks guys/gals

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