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First of all, thanks for the translation. Now could you do the rest of the book??? The Soviets were big on GPP for kids and only totally specialized when appropriate for the sport. Obviously female gymnasts peak earlier than male Olympic lifters. This is one of the reasons plyometrics are used way to early in the training of US athletes. We see 21 year old USSR athletes preforming depth jumps and throw our 13 year old athletes off a box...never seeing the preparation it took to get the Soviet athlete to the level he was at to do plyos without injury. I have an obnoxious neighbor...daughter is a soccer star, son is a hockey star (15 and 12 years old). This guy is loud and only brags about kid sports! I try to tell him about general training to extend the career of his kids and prevent burnout...I get "yeah, yeah, yeah...but... I then say "Paul, you and your brothers were great athletes, right?" "Why yes we were!" "Ok Paul, how many Division 1 scholarships in your family, Division 2, or how about junior college? None huh" "Any pro athletes from you sports dominant high school?" "Oh a guy who sat on the bench, for a year, on the Dolphins...great." Let kids play, develop a wide range of attributes, learn sportsmanship, leadership, how to get up and go again, and how to work hard. 99% of kids will get more from a positive experience in a wide variety of activities then they will from 15 years of single sport focus IMHO. Off the soap box!
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