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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
No, it was the real Dr. El-Hewie.

He graciously sent me a copy for review that I reviewed and had a few other individuals review on the Power and Bulk, but the ezboard glitch that wiped out ~99% of all ezboard posts across dozens of servers occurred shortly afterwards.

Apparently the good Doctor made a migration to the new P&B, and somehow got caught up in long, lengthly discussions about BMI, and bodyweight issues, and an admin who wasn't really in the loop decided it was a troll while I was busy with my son's then urgent medical issues.

By the time things had settled down for me, Dr. El-Hewie was considered a troll and banned.

The thing that irritated me the most, though, was the extensive review of his materials that I posted and then was lost.

I apologize for the misunderstandings, Dr. El-Hewie.
I full heartily appreciate your explanation on how that bad encounter had unfolded. I sort of enjoyed the intrigue of conversing with that manger's odd thoughts. I had a similar encounter in 1999 and for some mysterious reasons, the 1999's threads started showing up on an oriental web site. Then, I found an acknowledgment made in 1986 by a British lab, yet it took 20 years to get to my attention through the Internet. We are really living is a great period of history.

On the BMI issue, currently, all medical cases are described in terms of the BMI in addition to the vital signs: hear rate, temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure. The inclusion of the BMI in medical assessment was unheard of only a year ago.

Originally Posted by Russell Greene View Post
My apologies, Dr. El Hewie. If you will permit me to venture into your native language:

Ana Asif. Ahlan wa sahlan ila al Performance Menu Board. Hal inta ma zilta ta'eshu fee misri alan am qad intaqalta ila al-welayat almutahida?
That is "cool". I live in New Jersey since 1994, but my heart and soul belong to Colorado. Egypt "Misr" had faded into my remote past since 1984. Though, recently, I hosted my elderly coach in his short visit to the USA. His latest worrying complaint is: steroids?

He kept repeating a story about the Egyptian gold medalist woman, whose photo is posted on the back cover of my book. He noticed the growth of masculine hair on her skin and her voice turning harsher. He made an assumption that her Romanian coach was a chemist, specialized in concealing steroid injection by some unknown formula. That works by making detection of steroids in serum or urine harder.

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