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Hmmm, I always take a lot of time off... But I wonder if I just push harder in martial arts on weeks I'm not training as hard... I never really count MA as training because often I barely even break a sweat... It's just really hard for me to gauge sometimes whether everyone's just going harder/faster/etc. on weeks where I'm feeling like everything is really difficult or if it's me being more tired. There are such a myriad of factors (stress, sleep, diet, etc.) that make it harder to tell whether I'm training too much or just having a bad day.

Or maybe it's between me figuring out when I don't want to work hard because I'm feeling lazy and when I don't want to work hard because I need more recovery time. I always assume it's just laziness and so I'd lift heavy on days I was scheduled to lift heavy, whether I felt like it or not... I guess I never have a problem going heavier on days I'm not scheduled for it if I feel like it though. Double standard!

I wish there was some easy way to gauge it. I was talking to a cyclist who is totally sold on resting heart rate for this. He checks it every morning and says it's the ticket to knowing how hard to train for the day.

Anyways, I've taken a whole week off entirely and I'm going for another low-intensity week with just sticks and bike rides...
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