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-Core Performance Endurance Book - Basic Program replacing their strength training stuff with my own.
-Running Template from James Evans 2-3 times per week
-Strength days will be what I have been doing.
-Pullups+dips are following what Robb did with his fighter in the PM - 3-5 sets of 2-3 reps, first 2 weeks will be unweighted. 2x/week
-OHS's according to what Peter and I had discussed earlier
-Sprints - on the strength day perhaps a set of 25m-100m sprints totaling no more than 400m in total distance. I am iffy about these because I know I should be focusing on my LD stuff but I don't want to neglect this stuff either.

-Get my running up to speed while still having fun in the gym.
-Increase pullup/dip ability

My made up template is to be as follows:
Odd weeks
Day 1 - off
Day 2 - CP Power + Run
Day 3 - Dips, pullups and OHS's + Regeneration
Day 4 - My own strength program as I've been doing + sprints
Day 5 - dips, pullups + regeneration
Day 6 - Power + Run
Day 7 - Regeneration + Run??
Even Weeks
Day 1 - off
Day 2 - OHS's + My own strength program as I've been doing + sprints
Day 3 - Dips, pullups + Regeneration
Day 4 - Power + Run
Day 5 - dips, pullups + regeneration
Day 6 - OHS's + My own strength Program
Day 7 - Regeneration + Run

Most of the moves are easy and progression will follow rapidly.

This might be too much, I'll tailor it after I try it out. I need to make sure I get my stretching and stuff in and stop skipping out.

Comments/Suggestions are always welcome.
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