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Default Week 2

I CAN'T FREAKIN SLEEP! This fact is litterally driving me nuts, but I am squatting 102kg for 3 reps about 20 times a day with little effort, which is something good. BUT I CAN'T SLEEP. Maybe its because I'm living off of the following:

Milk (ugghhh death)

Grapes (these are keeping me alive I swear)
Soft tortilas (But they're whole wheat, I KNOW SHOOT ME)

Almonds (ran out today)
Cashews ( ran out two days ago)

Drinking water and caffein free green tea (what's the point with no caffein?).....

I actually feel pretty good while I am awake, and I keep adding weight to my squats which is great.

I've blacked out my room, it's not helping the sleep issue.
I've no scale, will have to weigh myself this weekend.
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