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[QUOTE=R. Alan Hester;11684]
Good points. I wish I could add something, but I agree with the above. I am slowly bringing my wife into the health/longevity path, because she just retired from being an NBA dancer, so her perfomance needs have ended.
How long have you been waiting to throw that in a post......

All great posts above....I do of course try to keep it all simple and to the for exercise, it's about the quality and intensity....not the quantity (aka long drawn out aerobic style workouts). I think the harder the stimulus (in a short too much goes in the other direction) to the body, the greater adaption (aka sprints, heavy weights). True Health I define as the rate of cellular repair is greater than the rate of destruction, while maximize cellular detoxification and waste removal. So do as much as you can to promote repair, detoxification and remove as many stressors, cellular destroyers and toxins from your life.
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