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Another running update

I'm a member of a (professional) club which has a gym in it that nobody dare break a sweat in. And since my football coach has called us D-linemen (gender don't matter in tackle football, I'm told) "fat and slow," I've taken MWF mornings at said club to improve my running.

I've decided to do one minute run @ 10mph/one minute walk at 3mph for ten rounds.

#1. I had NO IDEA I could run 10 mph
#2. I was shocked and delighted to find that I could sustain this for 60 secs
#3. I went from being like 62 or 63 fastest on the team (of 65) to being solidly in the middle a few weeks back. Now, I'm solidly in the top middle. 25th maybe?
#4. I have NO DIMPLES on my legs anymore!!!

But the reason I mentioned the club is that I've gotten the reputation as "That freelancer who runs really fast." And I GOT SOME WORK because of it!

So thanks to the advice I've gotten here, I'm gettin' paid! Whoo hoo!
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