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Rick Deckart
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Looks good, although one day off a week seems a bit optimistic...

With respect to sprints I would follow the advice from the great running coach Jack Daniels:

Stick to strides for the first 4--6 weeks. What are strides? These are 20--30sec runs in mile pace. If for example your best mile time is 6MIN you would need ~22seconds for 100m. That's the pace you want to hold for 20--30sec.

They are done in the following fashion, over 10--30m increase speed until you hit approx mile pace and cruise for 20--30sec, than slow down until you walk. Wait at least a minute, better two (best is to walk) before your repeat. The more relaxed and rested you are the better. Four to six strides work about right. They can easily be done after your long distance runs (or inbetween) too, and will spice things up nicely and they are excellent preparation for the rigours of true interval or sprint work. After 4--6 weeks gradually speed up those strides. If you feel empty or shattered after a run finish it with some strides and see how you feel...
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