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Rick Walker is not a bad deadlifter. My comments in italics

A synopsis:

1. Do the deadlift
Kind of obvious, but this is a direct backlash against the whole WSB "don't deadlift" adage.
2. Hone technique
Once again, an obvious point. There really isn't all that much technique to the deadlift, though, even sumo.
3. Include speed work
This might or might not be important. For example, an olympic lifter WOULDN'T need to train his deadlift 'speed'. And, honestly, I've seen Rick's vids of his heavier deadlifts and they are NOT as fast as a deadlift with 135#...artistic license.
4. Train the muscles that help the deadlift
Nothing startling here. You cannot improve a weakness by doing the same thing over and over.
5. Use the rack properly
Quite possibly the most important bit in these five points. Using the rack properly is very important. The point right below the knee caps is often the hardest point.
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