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Originally Posted by Danny John View Post
No, it's not HIIT. Some of the cardio looks like it, but it is not. The complexes have been around since Gajda's stuff in the 1960's. (PHA) I also like Steve Javonek's work on this, too, for O lifters. Alwyn told me he went to one bar complexes for the problem that gym lifters have in keeping more than one bar "free" with the idiots who hang around spas. I have always been a believer in one bar...although I have dozens and dozens the key to success for the athlete. (Same argument I give for Kbells: fewer options, more work)

I think Alwyn really gets it. I merely have to look in the mirror and I'm actually serious here.
I was talking about the running intervals coach., as the intervals AC presents kinda bares a resemblance and runs parallel to HIIT. The complexes are really brutal and very effective for fatloss... plus, I noticed my femals clients love doing them.
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