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Second part:

6. Do DLs from a deficit
-Once you stall out, it's essential to perform extended ROM DLs. This can be snatch grip DLs if you strap in and pull them heavy enough.
7. Your DL suit MUST be TIGHT
-I don't use a suit. You probably don't either, so this is merely an interesting footnote.
8. Strengthen the hips
-A necessity, but how do you go about it?
Get your hips up via handle squats, very wide sumos, box squats with a wide stance, pull throughs, kettlebell swings, belt squats, and other fun exercises
9. Use straps
-A surprising tip from gripmaster Rick Walker, but I've found this to be very useful as well. Straps can often add a significant amount of weight to your pull. At the same time, they build confidence with that weight, and come crunch time, you can take care of business without them.
10. Strengthen the traps
-Big traps are just cool.
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