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Makes me want to deadlift. Found his comments on voume to be right on. I love to deadlift and would do it 5 days a week but for the fact my squat goes tits up when I focus too much on DL. It is my totally unstudied opinion that until you are pretty advanced, deadlifts and heavy pulls are going to be more effective than focusing on supplementary exercises like GHR etc. and infrequent deadlifting. That said, I am a narrow stance squater and don't see a lot of carryover from my squat to DL so what do I know.

The strap thing was interesting.

When he says kettelebell swings I can only assume he means the Amurican swing and not the totally innefective Russian swing... (Kidding.)

I too found the Shaf write up to be more informative in the overall. That said, who cares? the world needs more articles on deadlifting, lot's more.
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