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I like heavy work, so the signalling is there (see my post in the mass gain section for my explanation of that phrase) then the high rep upper/lower alternating supersets of big movements, (PHA! Manly Weight Loss! Meltdown! Afterburn!) then if I have anything left, some kind of metcon or interval work.

This can get done is a surprisingly short amount of time.

What's even more fun is adding a complex at the beginning to "warm up".

Yeah, it's a warm up if you do 3-4 complexes of about 8 reps with:

bent row
hang clean
"thruster" (front squat + push press, but at light weights it's a thruster)
back squat
good morning

With a progressively heavier bar. I've reached 95# on this, but regretted it. I think Danny John mentioned his bar weight is 65#, and that's much more reasonable until your conditioning kicks up.

I would like to say that I was warmed up (for sure) but also that kind of fast and furious work negatively impacts the heavy stuff done afterwards. It's fun though.
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