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Larry Lindenman
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I have been playing around with IF for the last month, with great results. I am going to shift from a 3-8p eating schedule to a 8a-1p schedule today. I train in the morning and this allows me to get in some post workout nutrition (if it matters) and eat new job involves lunch and some breakfast meetings, which made it hard to do an afternoon feeding. I think compliance is the key: more meals = more ability to screw up. Also, IF is more forgiving of nutritional errors. I think people have a tendency to spiral out of control after their first blush with cheating during the every three hours eating plan. So, while eating every 3 hours may increase metabolism, I think IF is more forgiving of errors, easier to stick too, and therefore is more conducive to fat loss. By the way, my wife loves IF and has lost her winter weight gain, within 3 weeks! She looks ripped.
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