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[QUOTE=Robb Wolf;978]Pre-metcon/CF days I could jump on top of objects that were clavicle high...but I had absolutely NO lactate tollerance. I'm 5'9" (69") and clavicle high is about 53". Keep in mind this is not a vertical leap...this is a jump and tuck but pretty good. I can do pretty well on the Met-con front now but am lucky to get on top of something belly-button high (40").



Thanks for your Power Bias articles--interesting reads, fun training.

Has your vert come back as you have started doing more power work and less metcon?

This is something that there doesn't seem to be much info on. Supposedly you can convert fast-twitch to slow twitch but not vice versa, which is why Charlie Francis doesn't has sprinters do 'tempo' instead of steady-state running for GPP. There are no world record oly lifters or sprinters with distance background, so no one looks into it, but: To what extent, practically speaking, can you train for speed after you've hit your muscles with a bunch of endurance training? And do you have to do it a different way? e.g., by using a different ratio of strength training to speed training?

Having gone from years and years of distance running to rowing to CrossFit to oly lifting, this is of practical interest to me. There are probably a bunch of other CrossFit-style endurance converts who would be interested in it, too.
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