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Update as of 5/16/07

Note: I hadn't realized it has been over a month and a half since I updated this thing!

Body composition: BW is down to 181 and my bodyfat is hovering around 8%?

Performance - No huge impact thus far that I can detect, but once again it's hard to quantify since I'm not doing performance testing.

Energy - This is a bit odd still, my sleep pattern has been weird because when I do try to get to bed early I'm unable to fall asleep (still trying to iron that out). This past week I've been getting hat afternoon slump but I am running more now than I have been since I started IF so possibly my body needs more recovery time?

Fast duration: I've been holding strong to 15 hour fasts most days.

Calories: I've been staying around ~2600 recently using fitday to track, I've strayed from the coconut milk shakes daily and now it's once every other day opr every 3 days.

From January I've gone from 196 to 181 without actually trying to lose weight. Meaning no crazy fat loss workouts, more performance oriented workouts. i.e. get my running times up and get in a lifting session a few times a week. BF has gone from 15% to ~8% while not impacting my performance in a negative way (that I have thus far detected).
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