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Good to read your experiences James. I've noticed with swings that my grip gets fatigued big time with the 20 and 24kg. Snatches are fine with 24kg.

I'm a big fan of Pavel's C&P/PU ladders. Each set is 1 c+p left, 1 c+p right, 1 pull up, 2 c+p left, 2 c+p right, 2 pu, etc.. This is the rung height.

Monday is light - up to 5 sets, each 2 rungs shorter than Saturday
Weds is medium - up to5 sets, 1 rung shorter than Saturday
Sat is heavy - up to 5 sets, up to 5 rungs.

Start with 3 sets of 3 rungs for one week, then a week of 4 sets of 3 rungs, then a week 5 sets of 3. After that you can start adding rungs on Weds and Sat.

This is the program outlined for pressing in Enter the Kettlebell. Anthony DiLugio's workbook is exactly the same. If you can figure out ETK, Anthony doesn't add much to it.
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