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Default Notes on an Upper Body Warmup DVD

I jotted these down while watching the DVD:

Thoracic Rolling

With foam roller and medicine ball (if you need a harder, more targeted "roll")

a. front to back
b. side to side
c. segmental (1 vertebrae at a time)

-note, always cross arms over the body or put hands behind head and try to touch elbows to get scapula out of the way.

Thoracic Extension and Rotation

a. side lying rotation extension
-lie on side, with upper leg bent 90 @ hip and knee, with knee elevated.
-arm that's down, reach up and push to engage serratus. Hold there.
-brace abs
-arm that's up, reach up and back, then bring down towards other arm. Repeat.
b. quadraped thoracic rotation extension
-on hand and knees
-put hand on neck, elbow up
-keep abs braced
-rotate elevate elbow down towards opposite knee

Scapular Closed Chain

a. push up plus (push up + scap push up)
b. T-push ups (emphasize the external rotation of the "up" arm.
c. "Closed Chain Upper Extremity Stability"
-get in push up postition.
-move one hand to the other, then move back.
-repeat other hand
-Dan John calls these "tick tocks" or something.

Scap Open Chain

a. Shoulder circles...little to big, hands facing up.
b. Dynamic Blackburns
-facedown on bench (or floor), hands on butt, palms up.
-move arms in an arc towards your head while rotating palms to face down.
c. PNF diagonals
-one arm up, 45 deg angle from body, thumb is up. one arm down, 45 deg angle from body, thumb down.
-bring both arms across body in a diagonal pattern while rotating hands in the direction of movement...i.e. upper arm comes down across front of body while hand rotates so thumb is down, lower arm comes up across front of the body while hand rotates so thumb is facing up.
-switch arms when done with repetitions...speed is dependent on how movement feels.

Combination Scapular-Thoracic

a. Wall slides (see T-mag article)
b. Reach, roll, and lift (see the shoulder T-mag article by Cosgrove and Waterbury)
c. Side lying rotation with glenhumeral internal rotation
-like the side lying rotation above, except after you reach up and back, you bring your hand down towards your butt.

Combination Scap-Thoracic-Hip

a. PNF Diagonal with Lunge holding small db.
-holding db in opposite hand of lead leg, reach down and across lead leg while rotating hand
-hard to visualize
b. Rear lunge with posteriolateral reach
-hold db by both ends.
-perform rear lunge while reaching backwards on the side of the forward leg
c. Split stance rotation
-hold bar or dowel on back like you are squatting
-get on floor in a lunge position, with knee on ground
-rotate back and forth using thoracic part of back
d. High step with rotation
-just like the previous one, only you are standing and have on foot up on a bench.. you don't actually step up.
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