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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I just got my new Do-Wins and they rock. They definitely are a much more solid platform to lift from.

It is weird as I have never used lifting shoes before and now I feel like I am way forward on my toes because of the heel. While snatching I actually missed a couple of lifts forward, nothing serious just I wasn't as vertical as normal.

Once I got used to them I did ok, I still didn't feel exactly normal just a little different center of balance if that makes any sense.

Did anyone else have a learning curve when they went to lifting shoes?

I bought some just for squats intiially, I had three of four workouts in a row where I had a really hard time keeping my weight back, even for stuff like KB snatches. Also was sore as hell in the quads.

In the end I switched up my stance and feel alot more natural in them now. I even deadlift in them except for max attempts.
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