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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Just a few more days... Until then, here's one of my favorites: Lie on your back, preferably with some kind of lumbar support to maintain your lordotic arch. Pull one knee to your chest without allowing your hips to rotate AT ALL. Hang out with the knee to your chest for a little while, fighting that pelvic rotation. Once you've loosened up a bit in that position, begin trying to straighten that leg without changing your knee and pelvis positions -- you may not be able to straighten it very much at all, but that's fine. Hold that, making sure that pelvis is static, for 20-60 seconds.
Do you guys ever work this or any of your other stretching with Jumpstretch/Ironwoody Bands?

A guy I knew in college, who got me into most of this crazy fringe fitness stuff, would have us do this stretch with a band looped around the ankle, tractioning the hamstring fuller into stretch, doing PNF stuff. The band makes it easier to work flexibility in-between a straight ham stretch and a way-out-to-the-side groin stretch: Full 360 degrees.
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