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Ok, once again the progam is changing. I liked the super basic SS program but it was psycologically draining trying to get one more total rep than last week. I also wanted to add more volume and days (what is the point of having a gym at your house if you only workout three days per week!) Anyway, here goes.

Monday-Back Squat (3x8) followed by either wt. lunges or wt. step-ups
Strict press (3x8 followed by Kb press

Tuesday-Deadlift (3x5) followed by wt. Pull-ups and ab work

Wednesday off

Thursday-Same as Monday except the press is close grip bench and french press (skull crushers)

Friday-wt pull-ups and either Db or BB row

Saturday-misc. stuff kb work, muscle up practice, Handstand practice

I think the switch up will help me. After time off due to a death in the family, I worked out three times with no workout partner! that would never have happened on the SS program as it was outlined.
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