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Santos Reyes
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Tuesday may16 (did mondays wo)
BS 215x8,7,8
SP 120x8,7,7
Kb Press 53x8,8,8


Thursday may18
BS 215x8,7,8
wt. lunge 95lbsx10,10,10 (each leg)
Close grip 185x5,5,5,5,5 (couldnt get 8 so I stuck with 5's)
Skull Crushers 95lbsx8,7,6

straight bar curl 95lbsx8,8,8,8
seated db curl 35lbsx10,10,10 (this workout was at the local "fitness" club so the pure presure to do arms was sky high!)

Friday may19
wt. pull-ups 50lbsx8,7,6 (little warmup and felt if later in my elbow)
cable row-forgot the wt or reps
db row 80x10,10,10
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