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Well I am certainly the least qualified to state anything about these kind of matters, but actually there are a couple of workout templates around which can be used for Oly programming:

Tommy Kono explains a simple workout template in his book:

If you are interested I can write a couple of words how this template looks like...

There is the BIG21 a la Dan John which can be used for two or three runs

There is of course the famous Joe Mills 20/20 routine

And if you are hardcore inclined, you could try a six week cycle from Kilgore, Pendlay and Ripptoe

But in my opinion no matter how great a definite guide would be, it can not cope with one 'minor' factor: weaknesses, every one has different weaknesses and how to cope with that is IMO the job of a competent Coach, he will identify what needs extra practice and can offer the right exercises.

Reading your post again I see you already know most of these programs, sorry.

Well personally I simply started at a comfortable level and decided to only move on once I finish a workout with at least decent technique and without miss. Progress is certainly slow but steady in my case. I like the Joe Mills 20/20 template, it is wonderfull self-correcting. You can only move on if you did all the lifts without a miss...

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