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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
as i get older...the less I want to do...but the more I want in return....I go for B....more intensity, more recovery.....seems to work for my sanity and keeps me consistent in the long run...which is where my improvement comes in....consistency...
Yes, as I'm getting older I agree that it has to be fun... hard and intensive fun that is! The traditional method (C) just sucks in that respect, and I'm starting to believe that its fundamentally flawed.

Why take the long road -forcing the stimulation of higher end fibers via the long and slow attrition of the ST fibers, when the same can be achieved in a shorter session by just working harder?? If intermediate fibers are stimulated and fatigued regularly, they will become more aerobic in order to bolster their fatigue resistance - (A)&(B)... without the mind numbing high volume work.

But which of the first two models above will be the most effective in the long-term?
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