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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Ok I am with you.

In my training I have the best results for Olympic distance triathons with a combination of B and C. BTW I am probably not a great reference as I am traditionally a solid middle of the age group pack racer.

I will have 1 long bike a week, 1 long swim a week and 1 long run every 3 weeks with interval work for the run and swim interspersed throughout the week. The bike I will usually do 1 shorter session at a higher steady state mixed in with intervals.

Basically if you have any suggestions or want someone to try a different training methodology let me know as I am starting my race prep for my "A" race in September.
It looks like you follow a traditional mixed model of training.... a bit of everything. I like more defined periods of training, using reverse periodisation when aiming to peak for a long distance event.
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