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Basically if you have any suggestions or want someone to try a different training methodology let me know as I am starting my race prep for my "A" race in September.
Check out Dave Scott's Triathlon Training. Its an old book, written in the 80s. My first copy has fallen to pieces! He stopped using method (C) because he was bored too, and adopted an interval based version of method (A). It worked for him, and worked really well for me when I was young and keen enough to cope with it.

The intervals he suggests all look really hard, but they are all based around time trial efforts of about LT. Just build up your number of sessions gradually. At the age of 20 I jumped in feet first and tried 6 of his sessions per discipline per week... I was toast after 2 weeks! I ended up doing his training plan based around 15 sessions per week, with one rest day, maintained for months. It worked so well!!!

Beware, his nutritional advice is somewhat outdated now!!
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