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Originally Posted by Heather Lawrence View Post
Two Cents From Heather

Tradition says an angel promised Abraham that he would live a long life if he ate the biblical version of yogurt. He lived to be 175 years old!

Today, in parts of Turkey, Armenia and some of the more remote regions of the Caucasus Mountains, there is an unusually high number of very old people. Men and women often live well beyond 100 years while maintaining healthy, active lifestyles.

The reason is they eat plenty of yogurt. The longevity theory has never been tested on humans.

But when scientists with the US Department of Agriculture were researching the effects of yogurt on salmonella infections in mice, they discovered one astonishing side effect: the mice that were fed yogurt did more than beat the infection they lived much longer than those that were not given yogurt.

Like Yogurt, there are 16 more foods which makes you healthy.

Wholly cliff-hanger batman! C'mon Heather! What are the other foods!
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