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The part that has me stumped is that I know a small handful of people who have really proven themselves as fighters both in the ring and on the street, who either still practice "dead drills" (hubud, JKD energy drills, etc.) or will teach them, and even many who don't teach or play said drills often give them all the credit for helping develop their skill and making them better as fighters. So I would hate to throw something out that people who do train alive have found helpful.

Speaking for myself (as a relatively inexperienced hobbyist), I don't know for sure about hubud or lop sao, pak sao, etc. or even the teeny bit of Silat I know, I haven't found the practical application yet, but I am totally completely 100% sold on box pattern sumbrada...

I've been looking for old Matt Thornton posts on different martial arts boards to see him go at it with JKD guys and get a better sense of everyone's position... I definitely agree that training a certain way because "it's always been done" is a poor reason, I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I'd be interested in knowing what the SBGi weapons curriculum is, if anyone knows. Is it a lot like Burt Richardson's?
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