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You asked a question about what’s wrong with training patterns like hubud and things like that. My take on this from listening to folks like Matt and John Frankl is when we see patterns and over emphasis on pre-scripted interactions the POTENTIAL for self (and other) deception is very high. When performance is not used as the definitive standard the Road to Cult-dom is laid.

You asked another question about is there ANY efficacy in these patterns and of course the answer is yes...but how much? Matt makes an analogy here using two people playing chess. Patterns like hubud are like people "rehearsing" the same say 6-10 moves and counter moves in chess. Again and again and again. Contrast that scenario with one in which you teach someone what the chess pieces do, give them some controlled scenarios in which to establish some familiarity...but then PLAY for real. This is not and need not bee a brutal process but it is real and honest and you know Exactly where you stand and there are no illusions, unless someone is being dishonest.

Similarly if someone walks into a boxing, thai boxing or similar gym and takes a first lesson that person will learn stances, basic movement...perhaps some pad work, but from day one a good boxing coach will make the person move, provide some "attacks" that must be dealt with (cover to avoid a punch) and the foundations are laid. From here training progresses to partner work with isolated elements that (hopefully) are incorporated into the individuals game.

I think it is particularly interesting that we do not see anything like kata or hubud in wrestling, boxing muay thai. Bag work and shadow boxing are encouraged to be spontaneous and alive above all else.

I think this is just one level of this openness and honesty that is necessary for these activities to be healthy and promote some self growth. Another element to this is freedom to train with other people and have an open door policy, allowing people to come in and see what the gym is like.
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