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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
It's interesting also...we have generally recommended CF type WOD's ~ 3-4 days per week, some sprint work and one long effort every 7-10 days for our endurance folks, particularly multisport. Some of these people are getting to a pretty high level of performance, placing well, improving race to race and avoiding most of the repetitive injury issues. Much more time efficient also.
Good to here that's working Robb. I wish I would have been clued in to that type of training instead of the "miles on the bike is money in the bank" mindlessness that permeates roadie culture. especially stupid here and in Cali where there is no offseason.

Are your intense sessions sports specific for the clients at all or are you relying with the typical mix of CF movements?

I had used speed skating off and on to train for cycling but those are very similar limb movements. I do know of one national level Master's cyclocross racer who trained for nationals exclusively on a stair master for a month prior due to a broken collarbone. I think he was top 10 maybe top 5 that year.
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