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Thought I'd chime in here for my first post.

I own both Magnificent Mobility (lower body) and Inside Out (upper body) and have found both to be worth the ~$100 I spent on them. It is true that there is no program laid out in either DVD and you could find all of the movements on both with enough searching around the internet but there is a convenience factor having them all in one place. I find myself going back to them every four weeks or so to add and subtract from my warm-up to focus on the area that need current attention and I've been at it for 6 or more months. To me the time savings alone is worth the price of the product.

I should qualify that I'm not necessarily new to lifting but a solid dynamic warm up has never been much of a focus so the information in these DVDs was mostly new to me. Maybe someone who has spent time doing proper warm ups wouldn't find as much value in this as I have.

With regards to the lack of programming: Even for a rank amateur like myself it was not difficult to figure out what to do and it became even easier as I practiced the different movements and developed a feel for what they worked and where I struggled. Frankly I'm not sure I'd find a program all that helpful.

One other thing I find helpful with both is the coaching cues that accompany each movement. You have the video and explanation showing you how to execute them correctly and what purpose it serves but along with that you have common errors made in each movement. This has really helped me get the movements down correctly.

If anyone has any questions I'll do my best to answer them but to make a long story short: If you're relatively new to dynamic stretching, or proper warm ups I would recommend getting both.
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