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Originally Posted by Jeff Northrop View Post
I do have one disagreement. I'd have to say that the CF stuff at times was much more difficult (for that mental toughness) then the long runs ever were.


You raise a good point. This really goes to an issue that for me is more of an annoyance. Cyclist et al use the term "suffering" or "knowing how to suffer" when if fact the skill of suffering is a lot more about knowing how let yourself relax...learn to be efficient in the movement as your bio-mechanics fade or get sloppy.

My feeling is that the overdistance help you tune in to how your body mechanics will change as you fatigue. I sued to race a lot of track cyclists who were blazing fast Cat 1/2's on the track but could barely hang with the Cat 3 pack at a local critierium. I know these guys were extremely fit for cycling generally but had no idead how to be efficient and recover from a deficit say 20 minutes or 50 minutes into an event. This is much more of a learned thing than a chemistry thing.

The whole idea that somehow long nasty rides or runs many days a week are going to teach you something about tuffness is BS. What you are tyring to learn is how your body reacts to pain and stress of the longer event and how you can be efficient at making it hurt LESS.
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