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Default Questions about supplements

This may end up being a bit of a ramble so bear with me. I'm 52, 193lbs and am working at getting fit. Been doing CF for about 6 months. Took me 3 months just to work through minor injuries, etc. before I could begin to make some headway and do the WODs with subs/mods. Along the way I messed about with trying the Zone (starved all the time, let it go). I tried MD for about six weeks and actually did pretty well on it but the sameness of it after awhile doesn't work well for me. It did help me sort out what foods (grains mostly) aren't great and I've cut then down to bare minimums on them by pretty much replacing them with good fats.

Now I'm right around 2k cals per day and it is working well so far (Thanksgiving was a killer!). Fitday has helped me focus and balance out the diet overall so oddly I'm pretty much eating Zone but don't count blocks. It is more of an eyeball thing for me, and religiously tracking cals.

I'm still fried after most workouts and that is not to be unexpected I know. But I'm beginning to wonder about and want to experiment with is recovery strategies? So I've been reading here and there about PWO meals & drinks. It seems that this area is much like so many other things one reads about, what works seems to vary much from one expert to another. There is Grow!, Lo-carb Grow!, and a plethora of others out there as well. There is, of course, even differences of opinion/fact/studies about whether one should even eat/drink after a meal, or, wait for awhile to eat?

Before anyone points it out we all know that plain old food is what should be handled first when considering one's options in this area. But this gets right back around to the quandry that faces all who take fitness seriously, professional athelete or dilettante. If you value performance and fitness, but find that you don't recover the way you'd like then what to do to enhance things in a sensible way?
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