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So you are a believer in PWO but with food instead of liquid. What do you say to folks like Berardi who unabashedly promote things like Metabolic Drive, Grow!, and the like instead of solid food PWO? Part of the reason I posted here is to get informed opposite opinion of what he and others espouse, unashamed promotion of Biotest and the like products (if anyone reads that as a slam you are mistaken). I sure don't have to worry about the waistline bulge, its there all the time regardless but has diminished about 1.5-2 inches.

Work capacity has increased enormously since beginning to hack away at this but I am definitely still in the early stages of self-discovery on this. How things change over the years. I am finding/building my base and have started to wonder when it'll be possible to work up from here. Actually, I'm just happy as a pig in poop that I can do what I do at this point. I do get your point about trying to dial things in more and discover a level of work that allows improvement without being fried. Ego never gives in unless beat down solidly I guess.

That analogy you use to compare CF with the Bulgarians is interesting. I'll pay more attention from that perspective on things.

To sum things up for my situation would be to say that being extremely fit, without using much beyond normal food and rest to do so, is my goal. This idea has pretty much what I've always followed in past days of better fitness and continuing with that unless there is something better is ideally what I'm going for now.

Would you, or anyone else here, have any idea how what percentage of those who work out in some better than average program are doing supplements for PWO? From what I gather, and saw in past gym experience when junk was it, it must be a huge proportion.
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