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Here's the thread regarding Schroeder:

Carl Valle says this, which heats up the discussion:

When Mark was brought up by myself at the Holy Cross seminar the response was clear that Jay didn't do much since Mark quickly retired soon after. Working with and producing is a different matter. Jay simply screamed at people during the seminar that did not agree with his raw egg(5 dozen eggs at least) and milk diet, that isometric lunges could increase your golf game 30 yards, or that you must bench 4 hours a day.

He might be the greatest strenth coach in the world but for 3 hours he said that iso extremes are all you need - and you can get women to loose 100 pounds in one month from isometric work. All day that was the information he was giving out.

I am not saying that Jay is a fraud but as guy that paid money and drove to the lovely worcester area I was not impressed by the information. Maybe he isn't a presenter and that is ok...but give me something to bring home. I came to learn and was very patient with him when he told stories for an hour at the start. Bobbyt, you can see why people get frustrated.
Carl can be a bit acidic, at times, but he's a straight shooter and a clear thinker.
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