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I'm not sure, but that's what I consider "normal" position for the yolk (weights on your back, handles go from back to front -- at least that's what I saw in the video).

I've always done SSB squats onto a box, but I also use handles on the rack for self-spotting. Yolk stays on the shoulders by itself; you grab handles to your front left and front right. You try not to pull yourself up, but if you get in trouble the handles are there and it really let's you _sit back_ since your hands are counter-balancing your backward fall. Your hands can also prevent a forward collapse from loosing tension in your back. Overall, a good way to squat without spotters around to help you. The rack has to be pinned down though, or else you, the rack, and the weight are all going for a ride *yikes*.


PS I'm glad we can chuckle at what happened; I'm glad you're ok.

Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
Rick Walker, of Diesel Crew fame, told me to try SSB squats with the yoke pointing backwards when the bar is racked.

I hit 355x3, then this occurred at 405.

What happens when you squat with the bar in that position is that it places the weight even further out in front of you, and the bar is actively trying to push you into a face plant.

I can immediately see the value of using the bar like this.
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