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Default Eating Clean

Hey Guys! I am 17 years old and do Olympic Style weightlifting. I am looking to put on a little size and lean out at the same time. I think having a log will help me stay clean.


Meal 1: 3 eggs over easy on 3 pieces of wheat toast, with .5 L of milk to drink.


Meal 2 (Post Workout Shake): .5 L of milk, 2 scoops whey, and 2 bananas.

Meal 3: 2 grilled chicken breasts, and brown rice.

Took a nice nap.

Meal 4: Dish of almonds, apple, .5 L of milk.

Meal 5: Lean sirloin steak, and small side salad.

Meal 6: Dish of pecans, and oranage
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