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Tuesday 5/29/2007

I usually start with 5 minutes of easy cardio, just to get the blood flowing, but I didn't today because I was afraid the guys from the high school football team were going to show up and take my squat rack.

Joint Mobility:
- head forward and back
- head side-to-side
- looking left and right
- head circles, both directions
- shoulder shrugs, forwards and backwards
- single arm circles, forwards and backwards
- double arm circles, forwards and backwards
- arm hugs
- spinal twists, left and right
- marching in place
- hip circles, both directions
- knee circles, both directions
- wrists, fingers, and ankles

- 10 of each movement for each direction and side

- If you know any good moves I should be doing here, let me know

Squat: 280x8x2
- I do some warm-up sets too, but I don't usually record them

One-arm DB press: 55x8x2 x each arm
- This went up easy, try 60 next week

Tabata thrusters: 45x8x8
- I used the Dan John variation, 8x8 with 10 seconds rest

Barbell side bends: 45x5 95x5 115x5
- had more in me, but I couldn't balance the bar
- use a different barbell with knurling in the center next time

Straight-leg situps: 50
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