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Default Smaller Slower Weaker: Josh's Training Log

What's up guys and gals? I found Performance Menu a while back, during the latest Mark Twight vs. Crossfit "flare-up" (don't worry, I won't get into it here). Since then, I have been lurking around, getting ideas for training, and trying to find a little motivation.

I was a Mountain and Road Bike racer for a few years in my early to mid 20's, and since then I have dabbled in Rock Climbing, and lately I have been very much obsessed with backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering in the Wasatch Mountains around Salt Lake City. I still spend four days a week riding my my mountain bike, and am planning on doing my first off road century ride, and my first downhill race this summer. Trying to mix things up, and keep life interesting.

I have spent the last ten years in and out of commercial gyms (24 hour fitness, Gold's, etc.) doing the same basic stuff, getting some results, but never really having any breakthroughs, either with how I looked, or how I felt. Then, last June, a friend of mine , also a climber, sent me a link to Gymjones. Mark Twight was a hero of mine, as well as Steve House and Vince Anderson (other extremely accomplished climbers), and reading through his ideas on training were eye opening for me. Somehow, I found Crossfit, and started doing the WOD's, and mixed in the occasional long hike or bike ride for endurance sake.

Three months later, damn. I was stronger than I had ever been, looked better than I ever had, and my endurance was as good as it had been since I was racing Road bikes. Along the way, I was lucky enough to spend a day with Dan John learning how to do a freaking Overheaad Squat (still working on it, but it is getting better ), and he taught me to screw the big box gyms, and do a little remodeling around the house (I now have a kick ass garage gym that rules).

Somewhere durinng the winter, I realized I couldn't keep up the pace of what I was doing. Getting up at 3:00 AM, 2-3 days a week to ski, and going out on all day tours every Saturday and Sunday was taking it's toll. At some point in January, I hung up the weights for the winter.

Now it is late May, and I need to get back on it. Maybe it was seeing 300 the other day, but I am feeling alittle out of shape. I think my brain is developed enough that I can put together a system to get me back to fire breathing dragon status by the end of the summer, so I am not going to be doing WOD's all summer (although I have some favorite Crossfit workouts that I will definitely be throwing in here and there). I am planning on a couple of metconnish things a week, two days of lifting heavy (at least for me) weights, and riding my bike as much as I can squeeze in.

17 % according to my cheap Kmart Tanita scale

Well, starting today, it is on (actually, lasty night, did a pretty awesome Mt. Bike ride after work, so maybe starting yesterday, it is on). Since I haven't been lifting for a while, I will be starting out slow to keep the injury bug away. Anyway, this is my introduction to you all, and my declaration to get my ass in gear.
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