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5/29 1pm
After breakfast at the lab, I snuck out while my ligation rxn was going on to the climbing gym.
climb- 10minutes session on the Autobelay. Repeat. Stretch. Ice.

Robb, When I do MetCons, I'll start grabbing snacks beforehand, but strength/ATP+Creatine dependent workouts seem to be fine. Perhaps I'm relying on Muscle Glycogen? It seems as though my liver Glycogen will be low in either case, but that strength workouts don't have ample time-under-tension to completely blow through my muscle glycogen. I've also been using 20-25g BCAA during workouts that seems to help. It would be interesting to know if the BCAA signals any insulin release. My experience so far is that even after a workout with the BCAA, I could continue fasting but usually end up eating a Zone meal with 4-5 blks Cho PWO.

Troy, I leave for Europe in 3 weeks, so I'll let you know. With the exception of EtOH, I don't think it will be to hard. I'll be climbing in England, chilling in Coopehagen with college buddy therefor lots of EtOH, and climbing in Finland. Veggies and fruit might be a little harder to come by but not impossible. It shouldn't be a problem for meat in any of these places. I'll try and keep the thread going while I'm there.

Wed 5/30/07

Joint mobility

dumbell complex with 8 lb dbs from above

BS (weightxrepsxsets)

Clean Pulls

Renegade Rows with dumbells

Eccentric Only wrist pronation and flexion x30 each.

a little Chi-Kung.
notes: this was in a fasted state, and I felt GREAT! I have Capoeira tonight, so hopefully I continue to feel great.
“Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win,
By fearing to attempt.”
-William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
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